' A Place for Kind Hearts to Meet '

+ At present in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, there are nearly 300 funeral home both big and small services, mainly the form of family trade, inherited by younger generation, almost going with professional management.
+ As one of top 10 funeral services in Ho Chi Minh City, Van Phuoc Funeral has new directing ways for this ‘Sensitive’ service.
+ Established in 1989, being just a small private establishment at the beginning, specialized to supply funeral services, located in the territory of Binh Thanh District.
For the time being, Van Phuoc Funeral had only 10 workers, mainly served in Ward 12 of the District.Until 1993, with the trend of door-to-open of the nation, management of funeral services became clearer and the establishment rapidly won feelings of its clients.
Up to present, Van Phuoc Funeral Home has further had two branches established also in the territory of Binh Thanh District.

'VAN PHUOC' in Vietnamese meams 'Thousands of Blessings'
So that, beside the matter of non-stop enhancing services quality to clients, with the motto ‘Offering what Best to your Relative’
Van Phuoc Funeral at present has been being to specialize in its first step, paying attention to the development of its trademark.
Van Phuoc Funeral has also particularly paid attention to social activities. Most of families suffering difficulty and those lonely in the territory of the district are reduced or exempted for the expense during families’ funeral.
Mr. Luong Chieu – representative for the Van Phuoc establishment confessed ‘Those who are working like us must always raise our heart to the top.’