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Funeral ceremony is a part of ritual impossible to miss in Vietnamese life. The form of funeral ceremony varies locally but in general it suffers deeply affection of Chinese's ritual. Even nowadays ritual has been changing a lot to suit modern life but somewhere funeral lasts and human must proceed standardedly to walk a deceased to the eternal world.

Vietnamese funeral ceremony bases on Tho Mai Gia Le and Gia Le Chi Nam. Tho Mai religious follower named officially Ho Gia Tan, during the days of Late Le Dynasty, edited the book of familial ceremony partly containing ritual created by Chu Van Cong aka Chu Hi, also known as Chu Tu, in the duration of Southern Tong and amended somehow by Tho Mai religious follower.

Activities of Vietnamese society most directed to sentiment, considering the familial blood relationship more important. Therefore from thousands of years ago, funeral ceremony was set standard. Many books and thoughts of Eastern Asian philosophers speak about human responsibility of funeral carefully. Life, Age, Disease and Death are four what must exist in a human life and no one can avoid.

Funeral Ceremony

As mentioned above, funeral from Tho Mai familial ceremony is a tradition long long ago, generating from Chinese ancient familial ceremony. At present this tradition evens out of date but still applied widely in Vietnamese people. Mentioning funeral ceremony, one must consider religion, depending on what to believe, different steps of proceeding funeral ceremony applied.

Trully, with the strong development of science and technology and acknowledgements of Live and Universe… in a life full of urgence today, how many of us have enough time, money and belief to carry out the whole traditions which more or less seem bad belief, strange belief from thousands of years before. Nevertheless, a conception lasts, which is Death means not to go away but DEATH is a mere LOSS that is an Appearance (Material) just LOST, which is it (spirit) stills EXISTS here or there. Yes, in our memory there still stick the pictures of those beloved but deceased.

There are three most important date of a human life: dates of birth, marriage and death.

We hope to organize a solemn funeral and careful ceremony for our deceased relative, elimination of bad and out of date tradition, at the same time, it is better to organize funeral ceremony of big cost.

" Why fail to show our full heart to repay parenthood, caring our relative at the time alive? "

What do you think ?

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