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Ceremonial Music During The Funeral

There are much ceremonial music used in funeral

Traditional Southern Music

+ + Southerners used Southern Music for ceremonial music, this means a music band come, eat and sleep in the house of the funeral owner. When there is an attendee, the band will drum to keep the rhythm for bowing. Besides the band also play modern and classic songs… when attendees ask.

+ + A southerner music band includes four members using many instruments such as a monochord, guitar, drum, percussion set… in some place, especially in the rural the band consists of more members. Cost for a band often counts per unit of 'noon' which means 12:00 of a day untill 12:00 of the next day (24 hours). For the time being, a noon costs 1.600.000 to 2.200.000 VND depending on which band, their talent and serving style (food and beverage are given free by house owner).

North Music

+ + Similarly, northerners use northern music for ceremony music but they do north sound and style. The structure of the northerner is similar to the southern but the way they work if different somehow: serving only 7:00 to some 22:00 then they go home and come back the next morning, the fore cost of a northerner music band is also lower, some 1.600.000 to 2.200.000 VND a day.

Western Music

From some 7 to 10 members (depending on the requirement of the house owner) including instruments of western style: big and small drums, some woodwinds… to make music sound to echo very far. The band came and play for a short while, not often stay and serve continously as other bands. You can ask them to come for a shroud, when member-in-law offers… It is normal that people often use the western music in coffin move and burial ceremonies. Cost for the band depending on the location of organization, distance from the house where the coffin is arranged to the burial location, time to wait for… from 1.400.000 to 2.000.000 VND.

+ An unreasonable rule for cost of western music band is that they consider locations such as Go Vap, Thanh Da Flat Building, Thu Duc… as rural. Therefore their cost is higher than other locals.

++ In Ho Chi Minh City, there are music bands play other ethnic, among those it is remarkable to include Chinese's music bands (Red and Green Coat Bands)

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