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Master and Proceedings Group (Buddhism)

+ + Buddhist families first trust monks deeply. Right at the moment a family has its member about to die, if time prolonged, they can invite Master to come for prayer, hoping the sick person to part lightly and troublelessly.

.+ + When a family has a funeral, monks are invited to the house for ceremonies of a shroud, mourning clothing, rice offering, coffin move, tomb lowering or cremation engagement…, tomb port opening, weekful offering… The Buddhist old's conception is that to hope, thanks to buddhist prayers read by monks full of virtue and talent, soul of the relative rapidly escapes and enjoys in the extreme happy region.

+ Now pay attention that normally monks who are currently trained in the pagoda don't read prayer and offer funeral steps fluently and step-by-step as a prayer reader does. Prayer reader is specialized for funeral… not officially trained in a pagoda, able to eat normal meals (not vegetarian) and marry. However pagoda monks are of more talent and virtue than a prayer reader. Cost for these to visit is not fixed but depending as per heart and mine and situation of each family that invites. Coffin farms often invite prayer reader for a family owner, no fee included.

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