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The Master and Section caring funeral

+ + Similar to Buddhist families, catholic ones are supported by Chiefs of the zone (Masters) and Section caring funeral. Organization of catholic is rather reasonable. Religious followers are divided as per zone whose managing board head is a chief (master.)

+ + When there is a serious sick person about to die, the Section will automatically visit the family, helping members to take care of the patient, reading prayer, inviting clergyman to oil the about-to-die… now when the patient dies, master and sector will guide the family to proceed with formalities to comply with catholic ritual. After burial, they also visit for more days to read prayer together with the family members.

+ Master and Section are those of enthusiasm, they can even put their own jobs aside in order to fulfil their duties. No any payment they ask, if the family wants to repay them, money must have sent to common fund of the church.

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